Fane, Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest (2024)

1. Ghetto Blacksmith

Find Nebora in Fort Joy Ghetto and let Fane talk to her.

It looks like Fane upset Fort Joy's local blacksmith by asking her about a device to help him 'rip the faces off corpses.' She implied someone named 'Kniles', based under the Fort, might be more helpful.

2. Got Face Ripper

Kill Kniles the Flenser (lvl 4) and loot Face Riper.

Fane got hold of a 'face ripper' and seems rather pleased with himself. Apparently he will use it to harvest faces from corpses, which he can craft into masks using rare Source Orbs. He assures me he remembers the crafting recipe for a Mask of the Shapeshifter.

3. No Face Ripper

Fane found someone that had a Face Ripper, but it looks like they misplaced it. Maybe someone else has it?

4. Met Windego

Find Windego (lvl 5) and let Fane talk to her. A fight will start, kill her and loot Fane's Mask of the Shapeshifter.

We found the witch that stole Fane's shapeshifter mask! She seemed to be talking to some otherworldly entity, but I couldn't see who.

5. Mentioned Family

While talking, Fane mentioned that he had a family: a wife and daughter, but he has he no idea what happened to them.

6. Start LV

I've met an unusual skeleton on the Lady Vengeance. Fane tells me he's an Eternal, the last of a lost race, and he wants to discover what happened to his people. He thinks he'll find his answers at the Blackpits oil fields, on Reaper's Coast.

7. LV Unselected Close

If Fane will not be in your party while fighting Dallis on Lady Vengeance, he will die and you will no longer be able to invite him.

Fane was killed in the fighting as we tried to escape Dallis's ambush.

8. Chapter 4 Start

We've arrived on Reaper's Coast, and Fane is eager to get to the Blackpits oil fields. He is determined to search for clues of what happened to his people.

9. Talked To Eternal Aetera

Find The Eternal Aetera.

We found a sarcophagus holding an Eternal named Aetera. Apparently, Fane caused the downfall of the Eternals by telling the Seven about the power of the Veil. The 'Gods', like Amadia, are simply Eternals that drained the Source from all their opponents. They went to war against their King and the rest of their race. Aetera had been working on a device to kill the Seven, but was locked away before she could use it. The Seven won the war and cast the Eternals into the Void.

9.1. Asked About Power

Fane seems unsure about what the future holds. It looks like meeting the Eternal Aetera turned his world upside down.

10. COS Submitted

Fane wanted to ascend to divinity at the Well of Ascension. I agreed and will stand beside him.

11. COS Allowed

Fane has pledged to support me in my fight for Divinity.

12. COS Opposed Close

Fane has turned against me - he's willing to fight me for Divinity.

13. Recognised Eternal Architecture

Fane recognises the structures on the Nameless Isle as Eternal, but he doesn't know what happened here. Whatever it was, it must have been something terrible. This place is covered with ruins...

14. Refused Promise

Talk to Voidwoken Delegate.

The God King offered Fane a Covenant, but he refused. I'm quite relieved: choosing between his friends and his people can't have been an easy decision.

15. Took Promise

The God King offered a Covenant, and the treacherous skeleton accepted. I would have called him two-faced, but he had at least four...

16. Fane Academy

It seems the Council of Seven is in the Academy where Fane did his research. This was his home, once upon a time.

17. DNOTS Love

Fane and I went below decks together. Once we were alone, he revealed who he really was and shared his innermost self with me. It was amazing, I couldn't have been happier.

18. DNOTS Not Love

Fane and I went below decks together. He shared his innermost self with me. It was fine.

19. Act3 Start

Despite everything that's happened - the punishment of his King, the loss of his people, and everything he's endured since - Fane seems in pretty good spirits. Perhaps he's coming around to this life.

20. Arx Small Void Woken

Cold-Crawler Voidwoken.

A former colleague of Fane's accosted him in hexapod Voidwoken form. She suggested he take the power of Divinity and use it to restore the Eternals. She said he could seal the God King on the other side of the Veil, saving the Eternals from the Void. He seems pensive...

21. Crypt Allowed

After everything we've been through, Fane is happy to help me become the Divine.

22. Crypt Denied

Despite everything we've been through, Fane says he will stand against me. He insists that becoming the Divine is the only way to save his people.

23. Gen Leave Party

Fane has decided to go his own way. Is this for the best? Only time will tell.

24. Crypt Divine

Fane insists that he must become the Divine to save his people. After everything I've learned, I'm inclined to agree. I will help him in his fight for Divinity.

25. Fane Dead

Fane is Dead. For good, this time.

Fane, Divinity: Original Sin 2 Quest (2024)


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