Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp (2024)

Updated on: March 16, 2024

Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp (1)

Location965 Ofstie Street, Bldg. 2030, Beeville, TX, 78102
Official Website

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Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp, also called Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp, is a significant state prison located in Beeville, Texas. Overseen by Texas Department of Criminal Justice, this facility plays an essential role in TX’s correctional system. The prison covers a vast area in Bee County, emphasizing security and rehabilitation efforts. Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp has an assigned capacity to accommodate approximately 158 offenders, including those classified from medium to high-risk levels. This capacity highlights the facility’s substantial role in managing a sizeable inmate population within Texas. The prison mainly caters to Adult inmates from various jurisdictions, emphasizing those who require medium to long-term incarceration.

For individuals interested to contact Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp, the prison’s location is crucial for correspondence and visits purposes. The physical location is 965 Ofstie Street, Bldg. 2030, Beeville, TX, 78102, and it falls under Bee County within the state of Texas. To make inquiries or direct communications with the prison, individuals can use the contact number 361-362-6486. Additionally, the facility’s administrative tasks and additional data can be found through their online portal, which acts as a resource for regulations, inmate search tools, and ways to connect.

Detainee Search

Searching for a prisoner in Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp involves several steps intended to simplify the procedure for family members and lawyers. TheTexas Department of Criminal Justiceoffersa digital prisoner lookup service. This tool enables users to search the prison roster by inputting specific information about the prisoner, such as their number or official name. The lookup outcomes provide comprehensive details, including the detainee’s current location, projected release date, and the offenses for which they were sentenced.

The information available through a prisoner lookup includes the inmate’s full name, number, current unit of assignment, and specifics regarding their conviction. For individuals not able to reach the internet or choose an offline method, contacting Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp directly via phone offers another means to identify an inmate. The facility’s staff can assist with detainee searches, although it is advisable to have the inmate’s full name or number available for an expedited search process.

How to Call a Detainee

Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp employs a particular system for detainee phone calls, developed to maintain security while allowing prisoners to reach out with the outside world. Detainees cannot take direct calls but have the capability to place calls to vetted parties. These calls are under observation and recording, in accordance with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice regulations. To receive calls from an inmate, individuals must first be approved by the inmate and set up a profile with the prison’s designated phone service provider. This secures that all conversations are conducted following the guidelines established for security and privacy considerations.

To reach out to a prisoner, one must follow the instructions set by Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp. Firstly, verify that the detainee has added your number to their authorized contacts. Then, establish a profile with the prison’s phone service provider, which necessitates agreeing to the conditions and ensuring sufficient funds are available to pay for call costs. Detainees have scheduled periods during which they can dial out, typically aligned with their housing unit’s schedule. It’s important to be aware of these times and make oneself available to take phone calls.


To arrange a meeting with an prisoner at Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp, visitors must first complete the necessary application procedure, which entails a vetting procedure. Upon acceptance, visits can be arranged according to the prison’s visitation timetable. It’s crucial to note that the ability to visit can be impacted by the detainee’s classification, behavior, and security demands of the facility.

Visitation Rules and Hours

Visitors are required to comply with a rigorous set of instructions and standards, including dress codes and permitted belongings. Hours for visitation are typically provided on weekend days, with the schedule being made provided on the prison’s website, or by contacting the facility personally:

Saturday — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday — 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM

It is suggested to verify the visiting schedule prior to arranging a visit, as these can vary and might change based on facility guidelines.

Video Visitation

The Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp offers video calling opportunities as an alternative to traditional visitation, permitting relatives and acquaintances to connect with prisoners via a virtual meeting setup. This service is particularly helpful for people who cannot journey to the facility. To utilize video visitation, users must enroll with the service provider and arrange visits in beforehand, adhering to the available times and regulations set forth by the prison.

Detainee Mail

To mail correspondence to an detainee at Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp, correspondence must be addressed using the detainee’s complete name, number, and the institution’s mailing address. The prison encourages loved ones and acquaintances to keep in touch with detainees through letters, as it plays a vital role in their recovery and well-being. However, all letters are subject to scrutiny to guarantee the protection and security of the facility.

When mailing letters or parcels, it is important to comply with the guidelines provided by Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp. Prohibited items, such as contraband, or currency, must not be included. Instead, individuals can mail photos (without indecent imagery) and permissible gift boxes through the prison’s approved suppliers. These shipments can include products such as food, toiletries, and clothing, depending on the inmate’s needs and the facility’s policies.

Send Money to Inmates

Providing funds to detainees is streamlined through a protected mechanism that permits family and friends to deposit funds into the detainee’s commissary account. These funds are available by detainees to purchase items from the facility’s store, pay for phone calls, or buy stamps for mail. The Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp presents several methods for sending money, including digital transactions, walk-in cash payments at approved sites, and postal money orders. Detailed instructions and instructions for each method are provided on the website, guaranteeing that dealings are conducted smoothly and securely.

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Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp — General Information

Facility NameChase Field W6 Trusty Camp
Facility TypeState Prison
AuthorityTexas Department of Criminal Justice
Address965 Ofstie Street, Bldg. 2030, Beeville, TX, 78102
Facility TypeAdult
Postal Code78102
CountyBee County
Official Website

Visiting Hours

Saturday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM


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Chase Field W6 Trusty Camp (2024)


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