25 Gift Ideas For Teacher Appreciation Week - Number Dyslexia (2024)

Who do you think kids spend most of their time with besides their parents? Their teachers! Dropping off kids to school with the assurance that they will learn something new and will be well taken care of is possible only because of the bunch of incredible teachers at school. Teachers put in all their energies to nurture students academically, provide emotional support, build their confidence, offer guidance, and instill a love for lifelong learning. So we should never miss a chance to show them how much they are appreciated for everything they do.

Thanks to the concept of teacher appreciation week, parents and students can think of creative teacher appreciation week ideas and put together a week-long celebration. During this time, you can let teachers know that their hard work is never left unnoticed and is truly appreciated.

While teachers never wish for anything more than a heartfelt note from their students for teacher appreciation, a small gift can really make them feel special! But what items make the best gifts for teachers? Find out in our list below!

Expressing gratitude: 25 thoughtful gift ideas for teacher appreciation week

In case you’re lost and have no idea what to gift during teacher appreciation week, here are some gift ideas to bring a smile to a teacher’s face and show them how grateful you are!

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1. Planters

Planters make great gifts for teachers! Especially small-size planters with a beautiful succulent. Teachers can keep them on their desks, on the classroom windowsill, or at home. Requiring minimal care and occasional watering, you can never go wrong with them as a gift.

2. Personalized nameplate

A nameplate saying “Ms. _____” makes a wonderful gift to say thanks and show gratitude. It will add a nice personal touch to the teacher’s desk, and no teacher will ever say no to a gift like this one.

3. Coffee mug

Teachers work tirelessly for hours. A cup of coffee can quickly lift their energy levels, improve their mental alertness, and prepare them for the rest of the school day. So, why not give them a coffee mug to sip on their favorite beverage?

4. Tote bag

A teacher’s bag is often filled with items like lesson plans for the day, textbooks, markers, keys, wallet, phone, water bottle, etc. So, gift them a cute tote bag they can carry their everyday essentials in. This gift won’t go unused, for sure!

5. Stationery

Teachers love stationery! Notebooks, notepads, sticky notes, dry-erase markers, pens, etc. are all useful gifts for a teacher. Want to go the extra mile? Many online suppliers personalize stationery. Find them and order personalized items for your teacher.

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6. Gift cards

Teachers often spend out-of-pocket to buy essentials for their classrooms. Thank them for their selfless contributions by gifting them a gift card. Gift cards from Starbucks, Amazon, or Target work well. You can also buy gift cards from a movie theater or a local restaurant to give them a much-deserved break.

7. Chocolates

Buy some chocolates from your local grocery store or a gourmet chocolatier and gift them to the teachers. Write a heartfelt note as well to show that you care. They will certainly appreciate this sweet delight. Who doesn’t love chocolate, after all?

8. Flowers

The next best thing after chocolates are flowers. Buy a handful of lilies or a bouquet of carnations to show the teachers in your life how much you appreciate them. These flowers will lift their spirits and brighten up their day.

9. Homemade cakes or cookies

If you’re more of a DIY person, bake a cake or some cookies, wrap them in fancy packaging, and send them with your child to school for teacher appreciation. Every bite of your handmade dessert will remind the teachers that their work is recognized and they are truly special.

10. Desk organizer

A desk organizer is a handy item for a teacher. One can organize pens, pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, and other items required in the classroom every day. Having an organizer can make a teacher’s workspace look neat and help keep all essentials in one place.

11. Water bottle

Another everyday essential that makes a great gift for teachers is a water bottle. Having water close by to hydrate during long lectures is a necessity, and a water bottle fulfills this need. While plastic water bottles are good enough, you can also gift an insulated stainless-steel bottle to keep the water warm or cold for long periods.

12. Personalized planners

Teachers have a lot of planning to do. So why not gift them a personalized planner that makes this task easier? A variety of planners, like yearly, monthly, and weekly, are available in the market. Pick one or all three and surprise your teacher with this thoughtful gift.

13. Photo frame

If you want to give something that also serves as a keepsake, a photo frame is a good idea. Slide in a group photo of the teacher and her students in the frame, and you have a wonderful gift that your teacher will cherish forever.

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14. Thermal laminator

A thermal laminator is a highly functional tool for educators. It uses heat to attach a thin protective film to paper. Gifting a laminator will save your teacher a lot of extra work as she can easily create reusable flashcards, dry-erase worksheets, and more for the students.

15. Cosmetics

Buy a pack of cosmetics, like travel-size moisturizers and lip balms, for teachers at school. These self-care items are easy to carry and make a great addition to a teacher’s bag. No, you don’t need to spend money on expensive products. Even affordable drugstore brands can make teachers happy!

16. Yearly calendar

Remembering important dates, meetings, appointments, and deadlines is so much easier if one has a calendar to refer to. As teachers have so much on their plates, there is always a chance of missing important events. However, gifting them a calendar can help them manage things effectively.

17. Thank you card

Teachers are humble beings. So, a simple thank you card, either store-bought or handmade, is more than enough to lift their morale and make them feel appreciated. Ask any teacher, and they would say that a thank you note with a few kind words is all they expect from parents and their students.

18. Snack basket

Create a snack basket with your teacher’s favorite snacks and gift it to them during teacher appreciation week. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and will be happy to have something to munch on when hunger strikes during long school hours.

19. Artwork

Teacher-inspired artwork also makes unique gifts for teacher appreciation. It could be something that can be put up on a wall or kept on a table in the classroom. Teachers also love using handmade arts and crafts to decorate their classrooms. If you can make one, your teacher will be happy to receive it.

20. Stickers and stamps

Get your teacher a supply of stickers to use as a reward for students. This is especially useful for elementary teachers who often use stickers to encourage and appreciate kids. Custom stamps with the teacher’s face and encouraging words are good too!

21. Keychains

Help teachers keep all their keys in one place by giving them a cute keychain. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so you will have ample choices to choose from. Some even have engraved math quotes, making them perfect gifts every math teacher will love.

22. T-shirts

Here’s a gift that will allow teachers to proudly display their love for teaching. Personalized t-shirts with the teacher’s name on them or something like “Best Teacher Ever” are great for gifting. Consider adding school colors or fun educational graphics to make the t-shirt interesting and fun to wear.

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23. Books

Books are a teacher’s best friend. So, don’t think twice if you plan to gift books during teacher appreciation week. You could either buy some books for the classroom library or something of special interest to teachers. Books on self-development or topics related to education make awesome choices.

24. Spa box

A specially curated spa box is yet another fantastic gift suggestion for teachers. Add items like scented candles, mini perfume roll-ons, body butter, bath bombs, and body soap to a box, wrap it beautifully, and gift it to a teacher. You will be amazed to see their eyes sparkle in joy!

25. Gadgets and accessories

If you have the budget, splurge on buying gadgets like a wireless mouse, headphones, power bank, or a portable clicker for your tech-savvy teacher. However, if you wish to stick to affordable items, get them a phone or tablet stand, an AirPod case, or a pop socket as a token of appreciation.

Concluding thoughts

Just like everyone else, teachers too like being appreciated for their work. Whether it’s a letter with words of appreciation from the principal, a small gift, or a simple handwritten note from students or their parents, teachers love them all! These little things serve as effective morale boosters for teachers, which motivate them to continue doing their best in the field of education.

So, the next time you have teacher appreciation week in your child’s school, take some time out to find the perfect gift for your child’s teacher. If your child is old enough, help them find one. Add in a small thank-you note and tell her she is awesome!

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25 Gift Ideas For Teacher Appreciation Week - Number Dyslexia (2024)


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